Profound knowledge Superior strength;12 sets of heavy apron feeder GBZ2060 delivered smoothly

Jinyuan Mining Machinery




In September, Jinyuan ushered in a rush for equipment centralized delivery and a busy scene occurred in our factory.In October 2018, with outstanding performance, strong technical strength and good market reputation, our company successfully won the bid for the renovation and expansion project of Tibet yulong copper industry (18 million t/a), which is contracted by China enfei engineering technology co., LTD.Through the cooperation of all departments of the company, 12 sets of heavy apron feeder GBZ2060 orders and supporting services have been completed with high efficiency and quality, and the products have been delivered on September 6th , 2019 smoonthly. 
Recently rainy days caused the low temperature, but in order to deliver the equipment to the customer at the fastest speed and create profits for the customer as soon as possible, front-line staff worked overtime.In the face of heavy production tasks, they still worked step-by-step regardless of hard in the workshop.The front sales order is hot, and the rear production is orderly to ensure that the operation of each department is not affected. Every time when delivering goods, our staff will check the safety matters in the process of loading, unloading and transportation one by one to ensure the smooth delivery of products to customers.




The product will be inspected layer by layer before shipment on loading site.

Equipment transported to Tibet yulong copper industry co. LTD


Each equipment from material selection to production, and then to quality control, test run, every link is carefully completed by us, we always adhere to excellence, strict guarantee quality.The flourishing sale and the busy production is the evaluation from customer.All staff in Jinyuan, always full of attitude, work together to escort for the customer order.