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Engineering design

Yantai Jinyuan possesses mineral processing research center and design institute which supporting the construction of the mine project, co-founding the Yantai branch of He’nan Metallurgy Planning, Design & Research Co., LTD with He’nan Metallurgy Design Institute in 2017.

Yantai Jinyuan has gathered a large number of professional and technical talents, most of whom come from design and research institutions, including the chief designer of the original gold design institute and the professorship senior engineer of the gold research institute, enjoying a high reputation in the industry.Under the guidance of these experts, the young people who graduated from colleges and universities made rapid progress and improved their overall level.

Mine design needs to master detailed first-hand data before carrying out the design, Jinyuan design company will send each professional personnel to visit the site on the spot, combined with the existing information provided by the owner, to do a comprehensive understanding of raw ore, factory site, hydropower, transportation, geography and other data, as the basis for the design.

Jinyuan Mining Machinery

Feasibility study

The purpose of the feasibility study is to analyze and compare the advanced technology, economic rationality and construction possibility of the project, so as to determine whether the project is worth the investment, what the scale should be, how to arrange the construction time and investment, and which technical scheme is the most reasonable, then to provide reliable basis for decision-making.The project team shall develop the work plan, investigate and study, collect data, compile and optimize the program, evaluate the project, prepare the report, exchange views with the entruster, and form the formal feasibility study report.

Preliminary design

The preliminary design is the preliminary design work carried out after the approval of the feasibility study report, so as to come up with the design scheme of plant selection construction. The design scheme mainly involves: dressing, general drawing, electric power, communication, civil engineering, environmental protection, water supply and drainage, tailings, safety and fire protection, investment estimation, economic benefits, etc.For the modification or expansion of the enterprise, the preliminary design will also explain in the content the current situation, characteristics, the main problems and the use of the main buildings and equipment. After the preliminary design completed, a detailed preliminary design report will be formed.

Construction drawing

After the preliminary design approval, we will start to make construction drawings according to the design scheme.Construction drawing is the most important part of the whole design work, and its design purpose is to solve specific problems in building installation in detail.The design of construction drawing includes the foundation, materials and installation in the construction process.Its quality directly affects the whole project quality and time limit.Jinyuan has various professional design engineers, design experience, high efficiency.After the completion of the construction drawing, conduct "design disclosure" to the construction command personnel at the construction site, and conduct detailed handover of matters needing attention, strict specifications, important contents and other details in the construction drawing.

Complete design project in recent years

Jinyuan Mining Machinery
Jinyuan Mining Machinery